Stepping Up Essex Campaign

We produced a series of six short animations to support the Stepping Up campaign in Essex. The campaign is all about the little things we can all do to make a difference and help build stronger communities. Each film follows a theme such as volunteering, informal caring and healthy living. This is the overview film – you can see the rest on our YouTube channel.


Thames Oilport Visitor Induction

A humorous look at the serious issue of Health and Safety. Director Simon J Frith. Animation Aaron Foster.

officeatwork: an animated promo

This cheeky animated film showcases the benefits of officeatwork, a Microsoft partner brand. Its many applications are employed by global companies to enhance and standardise the use of Microsoft Office among staff, while safeguarding brand integrity. Directed by Jim Cogan.

Fostering The Facts

What’s it like for a young person whose parents provide foster care to other children? What’s it really like when another child comes to live with you? What are the highs and lows, and how do you make it work for everyone?

This project entailed working closely with a group of young people aged 13 to 20, all of whom were the natural children of foster carers, and who had secured funding to create a film for other young people whose families were considering fostering. They had a clear idea of the story they wanted to tell, and Deadline’s job was to help them do just that.

We started with a workshop to bring together all their experiences and ideas, discuss the look and feel of the film, and craft all of this into a script that worked. The young people also created initial designs for the “blob” foster family that would feature on the DVD, which was then brought to life by our animator. The final film combines live action, animation and graphics, along with voiceovers by the young people themselves, who also presented directly to camera. The result was a film that is accessible, fast-paced and amusing, whilst also being searingly honest about what being a foster family is like. You can find out more about the project from the Essex County Council Website.

B Safe B Cool

Animated road safety series

This interactive, animated DVD was created for use with school children and features a group of high-spirited young characters making a variety of trips by bike, bus, train and on foot. The DVD explores sixteen entertaining yet hard-hitting animated scenarios, each designed to promote lively discussion with a young audience about what can go wrong when people act thoughtlessly, and how to finish the trip in one piece.

The Deadline team created the characters, scripted the scenarios and developed the animation for B Safe B Cool, as well as designing an animated menu interface.

An additional film on the DVD, ‘Frankie’s Story’, tells the true life tale of a real accident, combining shocking CCTV scenes of the impact itself and interviews with the lucky survivor.

The series was extended to include a short film promoting the use of walking buses for primary school children.