Education & Training

Making Every Contact Count

There’s a fine line between making someone’s day, and ruining it completely! Created for Essex County Council, Making Every Contact Count is a guide to broaching tricky subjects (stress, smoking, alcohol abuse et cetera) in a sensitive manner with both colleagues and customers. The following two pairs of films, from a series of ten, illustrate two very different approaches and outcomes – an engaging mix of ninja-level people skills and face-palm comedy. Written by Jim Cogan and directed by Simon J Frith.


We were approached by IRMS Ltd to find a way to best communicate their new risk management training programme. The training programme incorporates a live original play based on an ancient African story – ‘Moremi’. Together we developed an idea to promote the training by making a dramatic film trailer for the play.

Drawing from the play, we created a script for the trailer and produced the short film – including scoring the original soundtrack. The IRMS team were very pleased with the finished film.

B Safe B Cool

Animated road safety series

This interactive, animated DVD was created for use with school children and features a group of high-spirited young characters making a variety of trips by bike, bus, train and on foot. The DVD explores sixteen entertaining yet hard-hitting animated scenarios, each designed to promote lively discussion with a young audience about what can go wrong when people act thoughtlessly, and how to finish the trip in one piece.

The Deadline team created the characters, scripted the scenarios and developed the animation for B Safe B Cool, as well as designing an animated menu interface.

An additional film on the DVD, ‘Frankie’s Story’, tells the true life tale of a real accident, combining shocking CCTV scenes of the impact itself and interviews with the lucky survivor.

Passenger Assistant Training Intro

Thinking of becoming a Passenger Assistant? This is first 2 mins of a film we produced for Essex County Council that gives you a real insight into the role. Director Simon J Frith. Camera Peter Curtis. Presenter Yemi Sawyerr.

Thames Oilport Health and Safety Induction

A humorous look at the serious issue of Health and Safety. Director Simon J Frith. Animation Aaron Foster.

Surviving the Impact – a tale of Restorative Justice

Told from the perspectives of two young muggers and their victim, our dramatic short film Surviving the Impact is a powerful exploration of the restorative justice process, from youth custody sentence to a chance at redemption. Produced and directed by award-winning film maker Simon J Frith, in collaboration with the Essex Youth Offending Team.

Released from Fear – a Restorative Justice story

Check out our hard-hitting short, Released from Fear. After a gang bullying incident spirals out of control, an unlikely friendship arises between two girls on either side of the conflict, thanks to their participation in a restorative justice scheme. Produced and directed by award-winning film maker Simon J Frith, in collaboration with the Essex Youth Offending Team.