Public Sector

Essex Means Business

Watch our brand new promo, Essex Means Business, and see exactly what makes this vibrant, beautiful county such an economic powerhouse, and a great place for start-ups and global giants alike. Commissioned by Essex County Council as part of an international enterprise campaign.

Surviving the Impact – a tale of Restorative Justice

Told from the perspectives of two young muggers and their victim, our dramatic short film Surviving the Impact is a powerful exploration of the restorative justice process, from youth custody sentence to a chance at redemption. Produced and directed by award-winning film maker Simon J Frith, in collaboration with the Essex Youth Offending Team.

Released from Fear – a Restorative Justice story

Check out our hard-hitting short, Released from Fear. After a gang bullying incident spirals out of control, an unlikely friendship arises between two girls on either side of the conflict, thanks to their participation in a restorative justice scheme. Produced and directed by award-winning film maker Simon J Frith, in collaboration with the Essex Youth Offending Team.

Fostering – The Best Job I’ve Ever Done

In Essex, 100 new foster families are needed every year to care for the county’s vulnerable children.

This film was developed for Essex County Council’s Fostering Recruitment team, to inspire and inform not just those people who might be considering becoming foster carers, but also those who didn’t necessarily think it was for them.

A scripted voice-over was created to set the scene and link a series of moving and informative interviews with current foster families, alongside illustrative footage using adult and child actors. The final DVD gives a rounded picture of what fostering entails, its challenges and its huge rewards, as well as emphasising the broad range of people who can foster. The contributors were uniformly passionate about the importance of their work and its capacity to change a child’s life.

Fostering – The Facts

What’s it like for a young person whose parents provide foster care to other children? What’s it really like when another child comes to live with you? What are the highs and lows, and how do you make it work for everyone?

This project entailed working closely with a group of young people aged 13 to 20, all of whom were the natural children of foster carers, and who had secured funding to create a film for other young people whose families were considering fostering. They had a clear idea of the story they wanted to tell, and Deadline’s job was to help them do just that.

We started with a workshop to bring together all their experiences and ideas, discuss the look and feel of the film, and craft all of this into a script that worked. The young people also created initial designs for the “blob” foster family that would feature on the DVD, which was then brought to life by our animator. The final film combines live action, animation and graphics, along with voiceovers by the young people themselves, who also presented directly to camera. The result was a film that is accessible, fast-paced and amusing, whilst also being searingly honest about what being a foster family is like. You can find out more about the project from the Essex County Council Website.

Living Lincolnshire – Affordable Homes for Thriving Rural Communities

A celebration of rural life in Lincolnshire and a focused exploration of how the housing issue is being tackled.

Deadline was asked by the Lincoln Rural Affordable Housing Partnership and Community Lincs to make a film that could help them in their campaign to create more affordable homes.

The result, “Living Lincolnshire – Affordable Homes for Thriving Rural Communities”, is both a celebration of rural life in the county and a focused exploration of how the housing issue is being tackled.

The film speaks to ordinary residents but also acts as a detailed primer for local councillors and other parties interested in starting their own affordable housing scheme.

As well as dispelling the negative myths that can sometime surround the concept of affordable housing, the film shows how successful schemes are the result of a unique and sophisticated collaboration between local authorities, parish councils, landowners, housing associations and the entire rural community.

All aspects are explored, from the challenges and complexities of funding to the vital coordinating role played by Lincolnshire’s Rural Housing Enablers.

The script was developed by Deadline in close consultation with the client. The final film weaves voiceover, graphics and sumptuous footage of rural Lincolnshire life with perspectives from all those involved, including the villagers whose lives have been immeasurably improved by affordable housing.

Verdict from the client:

“Hi Simon – I would like to add my thanks and those of the members of the Partnership. From the start to the finish your and your colleagues’ advice, patience and sensitivity to the issues and towards the people being filmed has been outstanding. The final video does everything we asked, conveying the value of rural affordable housing and how it’s produced in an engaging and accessible way.”

NHS Foundation Trust

Following our promotional film for North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust, we received a further request. The brief this time was to focus on the Trust’s Care Programme Approach, a holistic plan that forms the basis of treatment for every service user and ensures they and any key carers are closely involved in the recovery process.

The Care Programme Approach was brought to life for the viewer through a combination of staged reconstructions (to preserve confidentiality) and interviews with patients, carers and trust staff.