What we do

Corporate, Dramas, Documentaries and Music

We make films because that’s what we love.

We think there’s no more vibrant and effective way to tell a story. That’s why we’ve always got something in production – whether it’s for ourselves or for a client.

Over the years we’ve produced documentaries, promos, mini-features, training films, animations and a wide range of other films for corporate clients, schools and large public sector organisations.

If you’re a business with something to communicate – whether it’s to customers, your own people or the world at large – talk to us about how film could be the perfect solution.

Let us be your mini communications agency

Between us, we’ve worked as brand consultants and business advisers. We’ve founded design teams and led internal communications departments for some big organisations.

It’s given us a deep understanding the end-to-end communications process, far beyond the creation of web video or conference films.

It means we can help you plan and execute whole campaigns, of which film might be just one part. It also means that any film we make for you will be consistent with your existing brand guidelines.

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