Leah’s Leopard – A helping hand for Colchester Zoo

18th June 2020

Colchester Zoo re-opens today after being closed for 3 months. With operating costs in excess of £25,000 a day to keep their animals safe and well, and relying on visitors for their income, that’s an awfully long and costly time. The plight of zoos has been all too evident in the news recently and our team at Deadline Communications thought we’d put our creative filmmaking skills to good use to help on a pro-bono basis. We reached out to some fellow creatives and developed a concept we felt would create the right buzz for the zoo’s reopening on June 18th. The film was turned around in just 5 days with minimal crew so that we could adequately social distance.

#Grateful shout-outs to our collaborators, without whom the film wouldn’t have been possible: Louis Gaston for the great sound design, Oliver Bagnall for the specially composed music, Daisy (our fab young actress), Jason George (of 360skymedia), Charlotte Curtis, Rachael Beauchamp, David Streames and David White for their help along the way.

It’s been fantastic putting our filmmaking skills to good use during these difficult times, and we wish Colchester Zoo (and all other zoos) every success in the coming days and months. #zoo #filmmakers #animals